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Helping Micro, Small and Medium Businesses Deliver Excellence

iron Sharpens iron

Developing Solutions that Matter

Whether it is the United States or an emerging market in Africa, small businesses are the backbone of the economy.  Women-owned businesses are among the fastest growing sector in the world, and black women entreprenuers are leading the pack.  For many of them all they need is a business partner to fill a void or leverage their expertise to solve a problem.  That is exactly why Iron Currency Solutions was founded. 


Small and medium size companies may not be able to hire a 30 year seasoned veteran full-time, but they can leverage the experience, expertise and network of a consultant to help them be competitive.  Whereas, in big business it is a competition to out pace the next big business, in small business it is a collaboration of like minded partners working towards the same goal.

Security Guard

Titanium  Security and Surveillance

Penetration testing, independent 3rd-party cyber and physical  security assessments,  security corrective action reports and security solution implementation are all part of our portfolio of services

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HI Life

Smart Technology Solutions

We offer highly interactive living solutions for businesses and home that allow you to work smarter and not harder to reduce your cost, improve performance and increase your revenue.

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Strategy & Operations Management Solutions

For every problem, there is a tailored solution that meets the immediate needs and supports the long-term goals.  We assess the problem, using tools and techniques acquired from 30 + years of corporate experience

White Van


Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions

The COVID19 pandemic highlighted the gaps in the supply chain gor many developed countries and challenged many emerging economies.  With more than 30 years experience we can develop solutions that deliver.

Logo Design

Branding & Marketing Solutions

What is in a name?  Everything!

Who you are and what you want clients to remember about begins with how you tell your story and the brand image that they can't forget. ICS can help tell your story.

Medical Professional




"Meeting the Demand" of the pandemic has been a challenge, but ICS Health accepts the challenge with strategic business relationships to delivery PPE to critical areas and help bring the pandemic to a state of control.

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