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Iron has been used for currency throughout history, many different iron objects have been used to facilitate trade for goods to measure wealth. The "iron" of today is the intellectual property we have as individuals or businesses that is valued as a commodity for currency exchange. It's value is often assessed based on how it is packaged, branded and marketed.  

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Proverb 27: 17
"Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."


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IRON Currency Solutions is where we solve everyday problems with thought leadership and innovation to help individuals and businesses achieve their optimal currency value.  "Iron Sharpens Iron", when we seek to understand our customers needs and address them with "best in class" solutions from more than 30 years of corporate experience. These invaluable best practices can be game changers in optimizing their individual and business performance. 

Cyber Security, Smart Technology, Health Solutions, Logistics Solutions and Strategic Operations Management Solutions are all game changers for small and medium enterprises with limited budgets and enormous opportunity.  ICS has the experience and depth of knowledge to assess, strategize and deliver on solutions that matter to make a small business more efficient, more competitive and more financially solvent. 

Branding, marketing and strategic business solutions are all pillars in making a business successful.  When a customer remembers how you made them feel and how you delivered a quality product; they remember your name and they tell others about the experience.  "Word of Mouth" is still the most powerful marketing tool any business can have to attract new customers in a social media driven society.

Experience the energy and the excitement of IRON Currency Solutions, where we strive to make individuals and businesses better and more efficient to optimize their currency value. 

"Iron Sharpens Iron,

so does one business sharpen another."

Meet The Team

Gala Fary
Chairwoman and CEO/President

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An Industrial Engineer, with 36 years experience supporting client relations, Project management, change management and quality process management. She has held management roles with progressively increasing responsibility for project and solution delivery for several Fortune 500 companies like Aetna, Boeing, IBM and General Electric Energy Services in aerospace, oil and gas, energy and healthcare. She worked on the International Space Station, held mid-management roles in the energy sector and executive management roles in the healthcare sector.  She is an experienced leader with a strong track record of success, delivery and change management. She is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of IRON Currency Solutions, a strategic business solution company, Co-Founder and President of Pyramid Exchange Global Trading, an import and export trading company, with a focus on Africa and President, Major League Drone Racing Africa.


Marie Seldon

Country Manager

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An experienced Country Manager, responsible for establishing commodity trade relations and service opportunities  within the continent of Africa and its' 55  countries. Marie has 25 years of experience working with public and private businesses on investor projects in Africa, including infrastructure, agriculture, renewable energy and microfinancing for SMEs. Working with her father, who was a international business executive, Marie leverages many established relationships and networks that helps her to navigate the political and business relations of many countries in Africa.  Marie serves as the Country Manager for the continent of Africa for IRON Currency Solutions. 

Toney Haskett

Chief Logistics Officer

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Ex-Military highly accomplished Senior Logistics, Procurement and Construction professional with more than 30 years of experience in the areas of operations, business process and performance improvement, organizational restructuring, and change/project management. Hands-on expertise in developing and executing excellent business strategy in accordance with the corporate objectives while delivering above-market growth in both revenue and earnings. Proficient in establishing, building, and maintaining strategic alliances and business relationships, further achieving company's strategic plans and objectives. Delivering commercial and business logistics strategies for assigned regions, aligned with global commercial strategy brand strategy, and corporate guidelines. Toney has led international logistics projects for DynCorp International, KBR and the U.S. Government

Raymond Hans Nkondjock

Strategic Consultant for Africa Business Development

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An executive consultant who has an extensive network of strategic relationships across Africa, Europe and Asia that performs in country project due diligence and helps Iron Currency Solutions to identify key high impact projects across the continent. Raymond has served as the Chairman of Mont Bleu Sports Management and Mont Blue Trading and Investments for over 24 years, where he has utilized his relationships to build a portfolio of Projects and strategic partnerships

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