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Executive Consultant -- Country Manager (Africa)

Our Country Manager (Africa) oversees the operations of a company’s affiliates in the American markets and the African markets.  Country Managers (Africa) , develop new business relations and  help facilitate the company client profitability. They are responsible for managing overall operations, recruiting staff and creating budgets. Country Managers (Africa) also develop and submit weekly, monthly or quarterly performance and progress reports to company headquarters.

Country Managers (Africa) may be employed in any industry that is experiencing global expansion. A Country Manager (Africa) is essentially a seasoned executive industry consultant that can manage multiple company portfolio's in a given industry vertical or is a dedicated executive consultant representing the interest of a single African company in the US Market to help build out their global market presence when it is not feasible to have a full-time employee based in the US. Country Managers (Africa) must speak several languages spoken in Africa.

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Common Responsibilities Include

Develop Operational Plans

From communications to warehousing, it is up to Country Managers to ensure that all aspects of a business operate smoothly. They ensure that a business’s in-country affiliate adheres to all country regulations and cultural guidelines. They also develop plans for company growth and improvement of sales.


Implement Brand Strategies

Country Managers are responsible for building a company’s brand in a specific country or region. They devise advertising and promotional plans and are involved in product positioning and global brand marketing development.


Generate Progress Reports

Country Managers continually assess company progress, sales and marketing successes and compile reports to submit to corporate upper level management. They present reports regarding budgets, sales growth or declines, new business leads and regulatory compliance.


Recruit and Train Staff

It is typically up to Country Managers to oversee the hiring and training of staff in a particular region. Country Managers can be involved in staff selection, training development, scheduling and ongoing professional development of employees.

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