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Our Expertise

El equipo de profesionales con experiencia de Iron Currency Solutions aporta conocimiento, experiencia y experiencia en ciberseguridad, atención médica, logística, soluciones comerciales estratégicas, tecnología de la información y energía renovable, por nombrar algunos. Nuestros profesionales aprovechan nuestras redes y experiencia para ayudar a las pequeñas empresas a competir por capital para expandir sus operaciones y construir operaciones para aumentar sus ingresos.

Impact Solutions

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Increases in work at home demand has heighten the need for more cyber penetration security and cloud security monitoring. ICS experienced cyber and surveillance analyst perform independent threat assessments and develop solutions to fortify the business systems and assets.  Our teams have the ability to eliminate current and future gaps in security.

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The continent of Africa has 5 of the fast growing economies in the world, with an exploding population where the median age is 17.  Africa is not only rich in human capital, but natural resources.  This makes opening a gateway to an emerging market a great investment opportunity. ICS is working with businesses in several different Africa markets.  Let us help you do business in Africa. 

Business Team


Solving problems for small and medium business is our passion.  With over 100 years of combined experience, the ICS teams knowledge and networks from some of America's top Fortune 500 countries can be leveraged to help optimize performance, develop strategic solutions and find funding to expand your business operations.



Working smarter and not harder is what small and medium businesses need to do to compete in the world economy.  Technology solutions can level the playing field and make them more competetive.  Whether it is using drone technolgy, remote monitoring systems or self sustaining solar technology, smart tech tools can lower cost, improve performance and increase revenues.

Medical Professional


The COVID19 pandemic has create a market for personal protection equipment.  ICS's "Meet the Demand" Health Solutions work with international partners to create solutions to fullfill the need for personal protection products, as well as systems that help to deliver PPE products to the market.

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IRON Currency Solutions

LIFE is about Embracing your Destiny and Leaving Your Mark on the World. 
What have you done today that the World will Remember?

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